Your free guide to get more twitter-followers

As promised, I will give you a simple introduction on how to get twitter followers for free. Link to this page is sent to your email, so you can come back and read here whenever you want.

And here's a very simple guide that actually works.

Step 1:

Find others on Twitter in the same niche as yourself or who may have followers in the right audience for you. Certainly someone with many followers.

Step 2:

Simply follow their followers! You can expect that between 20-30% you follow will follow you back.

But before you start, read on so you can do it safely and effectively (or scroll down and watch the video)

We want to follow followers of others in our niche because we want to reach the right audience. Our goal is that as many as possible follow us back. So your profile must look OK, so people will actually follow you back (many do follow back anyway). But more on that later.

The easiest way to do this is to find others in our niche and follow their followers. But we will filter out who we follow to be sure we follow active and relevant accounts. We also do not want to copy others' followers 100%, as it may be a violation of twitter's rules.

We therefore use an application called tweepi. Go to and log in. Tweepi comes in two versions, free and premium. You can be a free user for as long as you like, but there are several benefits to being a paid member. However, I recommend starting with the free membership until you get used to the system.

Tweepi has no affiliate program, so we make no money recommending this product, but it is a very good and safe application.

As a free member, you can create lists of up to 100 people every day, which are automatically transferred to twitter. These are the ones we want to follow. Of course, our goal is that as many of them as possible follow us back!

You can expect that between 20 and 30 percent will follow you back (and if you follow 100 every day, you will have 1000 followers from it in just 4 weeks.

In addition, you can get followers through engagement and retweets. So you can come a long way with some time and just the free version.

However, Twitter accepts that you can follow up to 400 accounts each day, and with the premium version of tweepi you can quickly get 3000-4000 followers in a month!

But I recommend starting a bit of caution, as it may seem strange if a whole new account starts to follow many, so the free version is sufficient in the first few weeks.

Remember that you can follow up to 5000, without having any followers yourself, but after this you can only follow approx. 10% more than you own followers in total.

Therefore, important that you remember to unfollow people who do not follow you back. It also makes your account look less spammy.

How to filter lists on tweepi?

You can apply different filters to follow followers to someone. I myself find it okay that as a minimum follows rate is less than 101%, because those who have 100% or less are more likely to follow back. There is little point in adding people who will not follow back. In addition,

I would like to follow active accounts, ie accounts that have tweeted at least once in the past week. And you can use more filters. Here is an example:

When you follow someone through tweepi, a list is first added to Twitter, which you have to add manually. Adding followers is relatively fast (but does it a bit randomly and at a leisurely pace - so twitter doesn't think you're a bot)

And if your twitter account is brand new, you might just want to follow 50 the first few days before scaling up.

Inside the tweepi you also have the opportunity to unfollow people, so when a week or less time  has passed then you unfollow those who have not followed you back. This can be done directly on tweepi very fast.

Your twitter profil - make it tempting and relevant

It is an advantage if our twitter account looks serious and interesting for those we want to follow so that they will more likely follow us back. So remember to have nice and relevant pictures as profile picture and header image.

Also write a relevant bio. Someone follows back anyway, but now you might get even more.

Have good Twitter-content and 20/80 marketing rule

Also send out daily relevant tweets so your account looks active and interesting to follow. Remember that twitter is a social networking site and it is always nice to create engaging posts and share interesting content as well as retweet others content, comments and likes.

Only 20% of your tweets should be links to articles / blogs and sales pages.

Here are also some great tips for getting even more followers

You can also get extra followers by finding influencers in your niche by commenting on something they write or retweete something they write.

But then you should retweet with giving them a mention (@name) and a positive comment about what they have written. If you are lucky you will get a retweet in front of their large audience and get more followers like that.

You can use also  hashtags. These are searchable in twitter and allow others to find you. You can use them both in your bio and on the tweets you send out. Normally you should not have more than a maximum of 2-3 hashtag per tweet, and not overdo it, but use them where they fit. 

ex hastags(#) in front of MakeMoney: "Get my free guide to #MakeMoney online here www.(website)"

(you can use a link-shortner then posting your links in a tweet ex.

And remember to follow back if someone follows you.

Twitter accepts some automation - so use it to your advantage

On twitter you can automate a lot. You can send an automatic DM to anyone who follows you, and you can also send an automatic tweet. It is a perfect opportunity to send them a link with your lead magnet.

You can also create lots of content that you send out automatically (I recommend to start sending out 1 to 2 times per hour - make sure that at least 3 days are passed between each time it is repeated - and ideally you should add new conent  every day so that it gets a lot new and that people do not recognize it).

Ideally, you should send out  5-10 tweets per hour in the times your audience is most active on twitter. This can be done easily by creating 12 new tweets every day and sending out every two hours. Gradually, you can scale up, and after a few months you will have enough tweets to automatically run in a loop. Of course remember to add new content from blogs and the like.

 About 20% should be advertising, the rest should be engaging content, ranging from pictures, retweets, quets or just your opinions or sharing knowledge.

With advertising, I do not recommend direct advertising, but to bring them into a link with you that gives the user plenty of value. (Think about which problem you can solve for the person,). You need a lead-magnet. 

 Socialoomph is a great tool for sheduling and automate content, join here now.

Personalautodm you can use to send auto DM to evry new follower. 

Watch this video - and se all this in action

Social Oomph click here 


Twitter is undoubtedly an easy source for getting followers and potentials to get both traffic to blog and get leads for your business.

But followers and traffic and leads are nothing, if you do not know how to convert them into sales. It took me several years to understand this process and I tried and failed many times.

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