March 26, 2019

How to make money for free at home – the top 3 ways in 2019

How to make money for free at homeIt is actually possible to make money from home without paying anything, as long as you have a PC, laptop or smartphone. So, yes it is possible to make money at home for free. And it’s also not difficult, although what you earn from it can vary widely. It is important to be realistic, and most “free money” solutions provide little money. But it is also possible to earn big money from home without paying much. If you continue reading then I will tell you how, but first I want to mention some simple ways to make money online.

1) online surveys

I start with this because it is something many recommend to make money for free. And right you can make money for free here. If you have a computer or smart phone then you can register with one of these and get paid for each survey you conduct. Please note that some of them only provide gift cards and not cash. And many of them have point systems that turn into money.

The disadvantage of these is that you will not earn much, and real hourly wages will be very low. If this is something you would like to take a closer look at, then there is a nice review here of the best known and best surveys.

I’ve tried some of these, and it can be fun, but the likelihood of earning enough to pay both bills and food can be small. Maybe if you sign up for many, but you will have to work hard and spend your time. Again and again. I therefore recommend that you read on.

2) User tests of websites and apps

Here you can actually get better paid for your time, and this is perhaps more fun than filling out surveys. At Usertesting you can earn $ 10 on a 20-minute work, and that’s probably more comfortable for me. Even I think it can be acceptable.
Watch this movie to learn more about 3 different ones, if this is interesting.

But, even with this job, you have to work and work, and continue working to make money. And you also don’t know how many surveys you actually get. You can of course combine this with surveys, and maybe get a decent total. It can be a solution. But I still recommend you to read further.

3) Make Money on Websites and Affliate Sales

This is perhaps the most important thing that is mentioned here. If you are in an acute situation, then you should probably go for surveys and testing and maybe hope it can help you out of your financial problems. But, anyway, you can also do this as well. Here you can earn big money if you have a sincere desire for it. It is possible for you and everyone, if you want to secure yourself, and maybe even get rich. And I’ll tell you how.

But I can’t make website?

Then I have good news for you, you can do that if you want. Today, technology has come so far that there are good solutions that allow you to create a website for you in just a few seconds. So if you can search for “how to make money at home” on google you can also make a website today. At siterubix you can create up to 25 free websites. So just get started now! But read more if you want to know how to make money 🙂 And i will share this secret with you.

But how to make money on a website?

It is obvious that in order to make money on a website, one must somehow have traffic to the site. With traffic, I mean visiting people. When you have traffic you can sell your own products on it, you can have ads from google there or you can do affliate sales – that is, announcing another’s product and getting a commission for each sale. The advantage here, unlike surveys and other ways of making money where you have to constantly spend time, is that once you have an income, it will be repetitive. You will thus be able to create your own personal money machine. Especially if you go for affliate sales.

Where can you learn more about this?

Personally, I would recommend you to join the WealthyAfliate today and get an introduction on how to do this. You will be amazed at how easy it actually is. I’ve written more about it here, and how you can already join today:

You will learn everything you need to learn
The only thing you need to have is:
A computer and internet connection
And a desire to make money

There are many who will support and help you there, so you’ll always get answers if you need help.

Good luck with your success 🙂


  • Ablati says:

    Online money making ways you mentioned are so different. Surveys bring so little money, as you mentioned. When it comes to testing apps, you never get testing enough to support yourself in my experience. Besides, there are some scams schemes I came across in this field: They offer to do app testings and write a review to an inner platform blog. They pay only a fraction of money they get from clicking ads on the site your review is posted. They even charge a starting fee. It is a scam to my mind, as they do not tell you clearly in advance what is the pay off scheme.

    When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is a totally different animal. You can earn nothing after investing huge amounts of time and some money, or you can make a lucrative life with ease. This is a form of business, that no one owes nobody a thing. The sky is the limit on the other hand.

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